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Euroavia, the European Association for Aerospace Students, consists of 29 affiliated societies from 16 different countries. Euroavia Helsinki is one of these groups, composed of students of Aeronautical and Space engineering students at the Helsinki University of Technology (TKK). Its aim is to provide local aerospace students with contacts to Europe as well as to Finnish corporations involved in the aerospace industry. Our activities include excursions to Finnish and foreign aerospace industry sites, very scandinavian sauna-evenings and monthly meetings.

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See Euroavia International website for a complete list of Euroavia Affiliated Societies.


International Euroavia activities are an excellent way to create connections to the European aerospace industry, and they provide insight into the procedures of a large student organization spread all over Europe. We also organise a number of local activities such as sauna evenings and excursions to industry sites (event calendar).


The Euroavia clubroom is the focus of our activity and is the ideal place to pause for a moment of rest before your next class or to work on your exercises. To keep you awake in those morning hours, you will find a coffee machine at hand. The quiet atmosphere and handy location of the clubroom offers and excellent setting for studying and meeting other students of aeronautical engineering. We receive various publications, e.g. Euroavia News, Finnair personnel magazine Okay, and the Finnish accident investigation board's reports. We also offer a past-exam archive of Aeronautical Engineering exams for our members in the clubroom.


The clubroom is located at the second floor of the renovated Department of Mechanical Engineering main building, in the room K203a at the Aeronautical Engineering corridor, next to the lecture room K202. The room is shared with the material mechanics students' club Lujat. See the clubroom page for more information.

For more information, please contact our local board or any member of the local group. If you wish to join our club, please use the request form.


We have various logo products on sale for our members.

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History Book

History book of Euroavia Helsinki 20th Anniversary is now available in pdf-format! You can download the History book from the members section: Download the History book

Please see the History page for more information.