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How to join Euroavia Helsinki

Joining Euroavia Helsinki is an excellent way to get connected with local aerospace students; it also provides you with advantages students rarely come to think of when studying for exams: it provides you with contacts with the aerospace industry and acquaints you with people with whom you can share your questions/problems concerning your studies.

Students of Aeronautical engineering and Space technology at Aalto University can join Euroavia Helsinki by submitting the request form below. The annual membership fee is 12 €.

Please use the request form to join.

Euroavia Helsinki members obtain the privilege to use our clubroom, to receive their own copy of Euroavia News (which can be found at the clubroom) and to participate in our activities, as well as numerous other benefits.

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History Book

History book of Euroavia Helsinki 20th Anniversary is now available in pdf-format! You can download the History book from the members section: Download the History book

Please see the History page for more information.